WeinWilbers is your agent for choice German wines.

WeinWilbers represents small family businesses which dedicate themselves to winegrowing and making. These winegrowers have deep roots in the rich traditions handed down from generation to generation, and also benefit from university training and current scientific research: the best of both worlds. Far from the business of mass production, they are able to produce distinctive wines of the highest quality.

With a love for these wines and with expertise in this field, WeinWilbers has taken over the world distribution for selected wine producers, leaving them free to use their knowledge and experience to devote themselves 100% to the grapes and their processing, creating outstanding choice wines. From vineyard to wine-cellar... and then out into the world.
WeinWilbers takes up the next stage of the journey, reaching out to those wine merchants who understand the value of these rare wines, steeped in tradition, and would like to distribute them further.